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10 Ways to Combat Depression During Covid-19

Updated: Apr 3, 2020

Gillian Amaro, M.Ed., LPC-S

Feeling isolated from others is a common fear as we begin social distancing, so let’s be proactive! How will you honor and care for yourself during this crisis? Sit down today with a

trusted friend or family member and brainstorm creative ways you can meet your needs from the start, before added stress builds up. In addition, write down the friends and family members you can be vulnerable with, even when you are not your best self. Consider these people your COVID care team, and begin scheduling regular activities and check ins right away. To get you started, I’ve listed 10 ways to connect with yourself and others:

1. Use video technology daily – the possibilities are growing. Work out, have a “live” happy

hour, take a virtual music lesson, see a counselor virtually! There are even “live” dance

parties and concerts being scheduled. These technologies can be our saving grace.

2. Connect with nature! Sit in the backyard, take a walk, drive, or explore a local trail.

3. Social Media can be helpful, but you may need to set boundaries. Give yourself

permission to block or unfollow anyone who negatively affects your own mental health.

4. Staying updated with the news is important, but it tends to be negative, so set a time

limit. Also try to avoid watching or reading the news in the morning and before bed.

5. Nutrition can affect mental health too. Stay hydrated, aim for 8 hours of sleep, limit

alcohol and sugar, and try to eat as many whole foods as you can.

6. Daily exercise is extremely helpful to prevent depression. There’s a wealth of FREE

options available right now, including NB local online options like the Village Studio!

7. LAUGH every day! Watch a funny show, send funny jokes, or try laughter yoga!

8. Make a playlist with uplifting songs that you love dancing to, singing to, or that simply

bring you joy.

9. Create a fun or silly challenge you can work towards with a friend to help each other

check in daily.

10. Seek out podcasts, books, and spaces that are positive, hopeful, and motivating. Create a daily gratitude practice of journaling, prayer or meditation.

Beginning even just one of these rituals now can help you when and if you have rough days

ahead. This is a time to lean in, be realistic with your needs, and make a plan to care for your physical and emotional health.

Gillian Amaro is Licensed Professional Counselor and Clinical Supervisor in New Braunfels, TX. She is currently offering telemedicine appointments to help meet the New Braunfels community's mental health needs.

Gillian Amaro, M.Ed., LPC-S

(512) 585-8238

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