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A Message of Hope from Pastor Ray Still

Pastor Ray Still

As a person of faith, I try to live every day, whether it is in a time of crisis or not, with a sense hope. Hope to me is an eager anticipation that God will show His goodness and mercy in my life. My prayer is that I will always recognize Him when He does demonstrate His presence. I pray that I won’t be distracted or deaf, but will see hope in a tree budding in the spring or in the laughter of a child without a care in the world. My hope is experienced in the gifts God has given to me, my family, my friends and really everything that is good in my life. In recent days, I have prayed that God would not let me waste a good crisis, but that I would use it to evaluate my priorities and set of values to become more of the man I really want to be. I pray I would use this time to be reminded of what God said ought to matter to us. That is love. To love God and to love one another. Never waste a good crisis!

Pastor Ray Still is the Senior Pastor at Oakwood Baptist Church. Oakwood Baptist Church is offering many opportunities for connecting and worship including sermons available remotely and Church@Home resources for kids.

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