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Clean Your Closet and Save the World

Katie Rae Preston

We’ve all been doing our part to flatten the curve. By now you’ve been self isolating for one to two weeks. During this time you’ve read all the news and watched all the Netflix. Now what? This is actually a great time to turn your attention to cleaning your closet. Decluttering is said to have many health benefits. It can reduce anxiety, create energy, provide self confidence, and it requires you to get moving. All of which can be a great way to boost your mood during this stressful time.

I like to start cleaning my closet by creating three categories. One being things I will donate to a local charity. Personally, I like Saints Peter and Paul Thrift Store located here in New Braunfels. A big portion of their proceeds goes directly to the education of the students who attend their school. However, they are temporarily closed due to COVID-19 so hang on to those donations until they open again. You can follow their Facebook page for updates.

The second pile is things I plan to repair. I can hand sew a tear or mend a hem, which I now have time to complete those tasks. However, I like to save the bigger jobs for my seamstress, Alisia at N Stitches. She is the absolute best and is always such a joy to be around. She is able to tackle any sewing project, as well as, embroidery. It is best to reach out to her by phone to create an appointment.

The third stack is items I am interested in selling on a resale site. I am partial to Poshmark. It is a simple site to navigate. You will need to create an account and click on the Sell On Poshmark link at the top. It leads you to a listing page where you can upload photos, create a title and description, along with other easy drop down prompts. As for photos of your products you don’t need a fancy set up. You can easily photograph them in natural light, with a neutral background, using your smartphone. Potential buyers want to see the front, back, and tags of the articles, in addition to, any flaws the item might have. For example, loose threads or beads, stains, or discolorations. This option can be a great way to earn a second income, or help if your employment has recently been affected by the pandemic.

However, if you are not up for a new business venture, and all the work that entails, set aside your luxury goods and contact Lark Mason Associates. They are an online auction house with offices here in New Braunfels and New York. Visit their website and click on the contact link to email your potential consignments. A professional photographer will photograph your items in a studio setting, and a specialist will research your articles at length to provide the best price estimates for your collection. They also have the advantage of a wide and varied audience due to Lark Mason’s Antiques Roadshow popularity. If you’d like to view past sales, items are sold on iGavel Auctions. There you will be able to get a sense of how they can help you with your jewelry, fashion, and accessories.

I hope this inspires you to declutter your closet and reduce your stress. Who knows while tidying up you might come across that perfect apocalypse outfit because if you're anything like me you never imagined your world saving attire would consist of yoga pants and pajamas.

Katie Rae Preston is a graduate of Texas State University. She is a fashion specialist and photographer for Lark Mason Associates. To learn more about fashion history and trends you can follow her on Instagram @kindregardskatierae. She is also a member of NB Women Go, New Braunfels Jaycees, and serves on the board of her neighborhood association. She enjoys hanging out at the Guadalupe River and attending local events with her family.

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