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NB Covid Patient #5 Shares His Experience and His Warning

Whitney H. Mitchell, MD

A local friend of mine reached out to me today; he is the 5th +Covid-19 patient in New Braunfels. I'm going to call him "Dan" because he asked to remain anonymous, but Dan wanted me to share his experience and his warning with our community. Dan is a healthy man in his 50s. He is a business-owner in New Braunfels, an active member of our community, and a husband and father. He is also one of the rising numbers of cases of Covid-19 in Comal County. This is what he wanted me to share.

Dan began to feel sick a week ago. His symptoms included a low-grade fever (under 101), body aches, night sweats, reduced appetite, and a mild cough. Dan says that he was quick to quarantine himself as soon as he began to feel sick, but that it was not easy finding and getting tested for Covid-19. He shares his frustration that testing was not more readily available at the hospital or through the county, although he was finally able to get tested for Covid-19 yesterday through his primary care doctor. When his test came in this morning, his doctor called to share that it was positive.

Dan is making a slow recovery. He says that he is feeling a little better now, but that "I haven't felt this bad in 5 or 6 years." His doctor is primarily concerned with his lungs, Dan says, and may order a chest X-ray in the next day or two, but Dan remains optimistic that he will recover fully.

Dan believes that he may have been exposed to Covid-19 while traveling within the US a couple of weeks ago, although he is not sure how he contracted Covid-19. He is adamant about minimizing risk to others by adhering to self-quarantine. Dan shares this advice: "Stay home. If you feel at all 'off', self quarantine. Please."

Dan mostly wants to share this: "Bottom line- this is real. When otherwise-healthy folks get this, imagine it hitting our older and younger population- particularly those at risk."

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