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NB Dance Studios Provide On-line Classes

New Braunfels Studio Owners

During these uncertain times of social distancing and quarantine, we know that many of you are feeling the effects of this major shift to our normal routine, and the isolation from our friends and loved ones. We wanted everyone to know that the dance community her in New Braunfels is committed to continuing to support our dancers through all of this.

Dance is not only a great way to stay moving and have fun, but it is a very important emotion and physical outlet that plays a vital part in helping to lessen the effect of stress and anxiety. Continuing to move and participate in a dance class, even virtually, can help our dancers to feel a sense of community and normalcy, and provide a safe space for self expression during these times.

Each of your studios is working tirelessly to come up with fun and innovative ways to continue to provide the best dance instruction while we aren't able to hold in person classes. Be sure to check out what each studio is offering for dance education during this time. We love meeting and seeing our dancers on the screen but can not wait until we see them back in the studio! We want to thank our dance families and the community for continuing to support our studios and their dancers during this time.

With Love,

New Braunfels Studio Owners

The following Dance Studios are providing on-line dance instruction:

Dance by Design Studios

Illusion Dance Center

NB Dance Company

Standout Dance Center

Studio of Dance and Cheer

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