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Overcoming Fear

Rev. Addae A. Kraba


       Almost all of us were fearful of something when we were young.  Maybe of being bullied in school, or the thunder that accompanied storms or sleeping in a pitch dark room. Something happened to activate the feeling of fear, of sheer terror, and at some point we rejected the fear and made a decision that this was a bad way to feel because it was associated with some negative event. We can control the quality of our lives if we are willing to face our fears rather than burying, suppressing or avoiding them.

       As we face the unknown factors of a global pandemic, now is the time to take charge of our internal world, even if we are afraid. When we are in fear, it’s because we believe in that darkness more than we believe in the light. The antidote to fear is love. Don’t try to discard or rid yourself of your fear, but what you can do is bring the light to the darkness. That light is love. When faced with your fear, you can ask yourself, “How can I love myself even when I’m in the midst of my fear?” The greatest way to take on your fear is to create safety for yourself, because safety is the key to courage. If you’re afraid you’re going to get sick, what measures could you take right now to nurture your well being? What can you do right now to keep your body in balance? What subtle adjustment or quantum leap can you take this week to put in a measure of safety where you are fearful? Because we’re all learning a new way of being, the most important thing during these challenging times is to be gentle with yourselves, and with each other. We will all spend more time experiencing ourselves in the whole. Acknowledge fear, but invite the light and love of the divine into the shadows. 

Heart to Heart,  

Rev. Addae Kraba

Reverend Addae Ama Kraba is the

Unitarian Universalist minister of Unitarian Univeralists of New Braunfels.

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