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Pharmacist Andrew Noonan encourages locals to use the drive-thru, avoid stocking up on medications

Andrew Noonan, pharmacist of Gruene Road Pharmacy offers the following recommendations:

"If you do need to go to your pharmacy to pick up, it is best to use the drive-thru to protect yourself and the pharmacy staff. Our pharmacy is cleaning any pens/iPad/credit card machines after each use. Drug wholesalers are not seeing any supply chain issues so there is no reason to try and refill medications earlier than when you need them or “stock up”, this could cause some temporary shortages of medication that are used to treat the symptom of COVID-19.

If a patient is self-quarantining due to exposure or a positive test they should try and have a friend pick up for them and drop their medications at their front door without interacting. In the case that a patient needs extended refills, please call the pharmacy so the appropriate insurance overrides can be put in place."

Andrew Noonan, PharmD, RPh. Gruene Road Pharmacy LLC W: 830.387.4378 (Gruene Road Pharmacy) W: 830.221.9030 (at Hunter’s Village)

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