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Staying Active in New Braunfels

Megan Foster

Right now more than ever we need our parks to help keep us active and healthy. Social distancing doesn’t mean we need to give up our park trips completely or shut ourselves inside. Our parks remain an asset to our community. They can continue to improve our overall health, enhance our quality of life. After all it is what makes New Braunfels a more attractive place to live, work and play. The New Braunfels Parks and Recreation Department boasts over 500 acres of park land for residents to use for walking, hiking and other forms of recreation.

The National Parks and Recreation Association has stated, “We believe that many parks, trails and open spaces can continue to be used in a safe manner that allows people to enjoy the mental and physical health benefits these spaces provide. In all instances, we recommend people follow local, state and national ordinances and guidelines regarding the use of these spaces and recognize that these vary from community to community.”

If you are stuck on some ideas for getting outside visit our Facebook page for daily #NBRECatHome ideas where we bring recreation to you at home! We have nature scavenger hunts, reading bingo, and more. Share your ideas with us and stay active! Stay engaged with us on Facebook and Instagram @NBPARKSANDREC.

Das Rec is helping keep everyone stay active on their Facebook page with daily workouts. Take one of their popular fitness classes in your own living room! Pilates, Yoga, Power Sculpt, there is a workout for everyone. Visit their page @DASRECNB.

There are so many options in for staying active in New Braunfels you could take a hike in Panther Canyon or along County Line Memorial Trail. New Braunfels Parks and Recreation Department has something to help everyone enjoy the benefits of local parks. During these uncertain times we need our connection to nature and our parks. Please help us to maintain these spaces for all to use and follow guidelines and recommendations to ensure the continued use. Discover all of our parks at and visit for the most up to date information.

Megan Foster is the Marketing Coordinator for New Braunfels Parks and Recreation

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